Various terrain & architectural models can be found here. Some models made using bits of recyclable material.

Spiral Stairs - Walls - Fences - Mansion House - GuineaPig Terrain -Towerblock - Insulin Stand - Warpshell

Spiral Stairs

1867 1970

1971 1999

1996  2258

2253 2256 

2263 2264

Yeh the handrail was a bit of a challenge. The ends were heated up and bent into shape. The posts go all the way though and then were grinded down. A few more features will be added and then get this thing painted up!

Dimensions:  (W)100 x (D)100 x (H)107mm


Made fairly quickly using scrap bit of card, plastic. Slight sculpting in places like along the top edge and sides. 



 Adding a poster. First the area needed to be smoothed out (remove texture paint) and then the poster can be painted. Dropshadows were painted using a dark wash to help make the poster stand out.

2800 2829 


2856 1207


The wooden fencing (quick build) are just lollipop sticks. The wall itself is foam-core which isn't very strong. The bricks are bits of scrap card stuck on. The pipe is just a bent straw and the drain is a jewelry piece (a square button) which happens to have a glossy blue coating. That part was masked while the rim was painted.


pipewall2 pipewall3

Chain Fence

Another old project, using mesh to do the fencing and barbed wire (old version). The base is weighted down a bit to help keep it stable.

chainfence1 chainfence2

chainfence3 chainfence4

Wooden Fences



fence3 fence4

fence5 fence6

Mansion House

Quite an old project, mostly made from foam core and recycled card strips. It's quite a big scale for table top gaming (28mm miniatures) but guinea pigs can run through easily :)

Mansion1 mansion2

mansion3 mansion4

mansion5 mansion6


mansion8 mansion9

mansion10 mansion11

mansion12 mansion13

mansion14 mansion15

Insulin Stand

This desktop stand was made for holding 2 insulin pens, 3 needles and a spare cartridge. It quite a few years old now. It's made with a some recycled card, plastic pieces and some toothpicks. It's also made using spaghetti (tutorial). It's used on a daily basis and serves it's purpose well. The stand (including the spaghetti) has remained undamaged. It has however recieved specks of paint splatter from being sat on the desktop, which is fine by me.

Insulin1 Insulin2 Insulin3


Insulin5 Insulin6

Insulin7 Insulin8

Insulin9 Insulin10

I could do a much better one now, so if anyone would like something like this then let me know!

SkullTomb rack

Made this so that I can store pre-painted skulls for things like the cyrostasis. It's made it fit inside a display box so it has a cover to protect from dust. It can hold 76 skulls/heads.

size = L87xW50xH23


skulltomb3 skulltomb4

skulltomb1 skulltomb2


Fits over plinths (Diameter 60mm). Height appox 75mm

cage1 cage2

The next one has a door which needs some kind of latch to keep it closed.

cage3 cage4

To add: Towerblock - Skip - warpshell