Welcome to the Tutorials. We hope you find these useful.

You'll find Guides and Reference stuff in here too (still developing).


Remember to be careful and follow all safety instructions!

We are not responsible for any mishaps when attempting these guides.

Planning, taking time, and practice (test model etc) will help achieve better results.


If you got a request, why not send it in and maybe it'll become a guide!

 Quick Contents Guide:


- Putty Guide
  Useful things to know about putty and some tricks to help sculpting.

- Sculpt Tutorials (Basics)
  Using things you may find laying about.
  Making your own tools.
  Wire & Foil armatures.
  Softening features using various fluids

- Rotary Tool (Dremel) Guide
  General advice on the tool and it's accessories.

- DIY Drill Vice
  Guide to getting to grips with those micro drill bits.

- Collecting Tray
  Save some pennies with this tool and avoid making a mess everywhere.

- Magnets
  General info you might need to know about Magnets.

- Texture Paint
  Guide to making your own texture paint that'll last ages. 

- Pallets
  Terrain build thats easy.

- Paint Tower
  Organize your paint with this tower of colour and get rid of those old CD's!

- Paint Pot Spinner (new)
  Gets paint mixed well every time.

- Hot Wire Foam Cutter (new)
  Get into foam carving with this bench tool.

Additional tutorials I've done can be found at TWG
- Sculpting hair
- Miniature Bullet Holes
- Guide of Knives

In time, we'll get these updated with better pics and make them more fluffy.

More to come:
- Resin prep
- Painting guides; eyes, drybrushing etc
- Tool maintenance
- Glue guide (including pinning + gap filling)