Heavy Conversion with some pow.


Height - say 55mm tall.

Dual Rocket launcher (removeable) capable of firing slugs, darts, hollow-rounds. Also capable of carrying 2 darts spare.

Range = length of room (approx 5m).

Armed with Bolter, shoulder rocket launcher, Swords, Hammer, and a Barbed wire baseball bat as well. Has a rack for storing weapons and darts.

It has magnet feet and can move his arms, legs and head.

Conversion Contest Entry.


ST1770 st1774

st1771 st1772

st1777 st1780


st1781 st1782

st1785 st1804

 How it was made

Primarily a project to practice sculpting and getting shapes, symmetry right.

t3909 t3899

t3998 t3900

Then the project went on a long hold  and put to the side waiting for inspirado. Then after some more changes, something was beginning to take shape and inspirado came flooding in.


t6399 t6403

t5507 t5412

 s6768 t6396

Right arm. Shoulder pad caused some issues. Cross bones on ammo also a bit tricky. To give clean edges the barrel became brass. 

s8161 s6625

 s8728 s8694

s8668 s8626

Left arm - Chainsword needed quite a bit of knifing and sculpting to get the teeth to go all the way round. Carving 'KISS' was difficult. Deciding on the trim took a while.

s8163 s8289

s8629 s8930

 The backpack + launcher



 The Hammer + barbed wire baseball bat.



 Tooled up.

s8941 s8937

 s8947 s8931

The buckle needed to be resculpted and the fur on the left knee. The rose is fragile. The leather shirt got a bit battered. It got soaked in superglue to toughen it up.

s8927 s8929

s8404 s8403

Only glimpses of pink remain!

The painting was another challenge. Fear of jamming the moving parts. The ear piercing for example no longer is free to flick about. Airbrushed the base coat with some shading. Coordinating the colour scheme was a slow process, but bit by bit it came together. Doing the NNM (non metallic metal) was fun as well as picking out the highlights.

Here's a link to the WIP thread and people's reactions - Click Me for Stompy -