BR MkI Specs:

5x LED, 1x Rumble Pack, Hinged doors & tracks, Detail Enhancement (Drill outs, Extra track wheels, Railings), Pop-up Windscreen guard + Spud Cannon, Built in Tape Measure, Gunner/Driver weapon upgrade, Mine Sweeper (replacable), Detailed Interior, Magnets, Airbrush & Freehand Paint with MIG Pigments weathering.


BR MkII Specs (currently WIP):

Hinged doors & tracks, mechanized interior side doors, mechanized rear door, Detail enchancing, Pop-up windscreen guard + Spud Cannon, Built in Tape Measure.
As this is still a wip, specs will be updated as they get installed.

This is seriously the first rhino I've ever built.

br3287 br3288

3294 3290

Took quite awhile to work out stencils for the angel.



3455 3460

3301 3302

3303 3440

 Had to have a go with some MIG pigments!

3442 3446

The interior got some special attention.

3461 3462


3463 3470

3471 3475

Note to self: include more pics and link to thread.....