To give back to the community and partly relive the feeling of guilt for downloading models, I've been designing some stuff. I've spent many hours tinkering which added to the delays in getting this website organized. So thanks for the patience!

They're FREE to download from my Thingiverse page. Follow for more designs like these :) Remixing etc allowed, just give some credit where credit is due. Perhaps leave my page a like, thanks! ;)

You may find scaling suiits your needs better.
Holes may need drilling out and press-fitting heated parts may be necessary.
You may need to get additional hardware like nuts & bolts.

Any suggestions are welcome and enjoy! Please share pics of your prints!

I'll include pics, hardware list, and profile settings (Cura) when I get round to it. With some guidance notes on setting up the prints.


Extruder Swinger

Pleased to share this design. Took me a lot of tinkering. Being inside an enclosure, trying to change filament is a hassle - No longer haha! Swings easily 180 degrees. A huge stress relief!


* Tried to save material/time by making the backing plate thinner.
* Added markings for the sake of it.
* Added support to increase strength without adding much weight.
* Added a vent port to remove any excess heat generated from the extruder gear.
* Made top holes elongated to allow a little wiggle room. You can move motor without having to dismantle the extruder and relocate the bracket and then reassemble. [YAY!]
* Makes changing filament a breeze!!!
* Ignore the attached arm, that's another project but you can see things can be added to the Swinger like a filament guide.

- You'll need M4 nuts/bolts to mount to frame
- You'll need 1xM4 10mm bolt and nut (Nylon lock nut if possible) to assemble The ExtruderSwinger pieces together. The nut might have to be pressed in.
- M3 bolts for the extruder which you should already have.



Y Carriage Belt Saver

This is for the metal bed upgrade by Quentin Design And Printin []

Credit to teikjoon who had the idea. I basically did another version.

It can be quickly printed in several orientations with supports optional.

beltsave1 beltsave2


RGB Remote Holder

Can be used for other controls/items if you adjust the scaling.

rgb1 rgb2

*note to self: Add M4 holes and freestand.


LED 45 Strip Holder

For 5050LED strip at 45 degree angle.


The cover should clip in, but sanding and gluing in place may be better.
There's drill holes for mounting, The tabs could be cut off if not needed, or sink the print with the tabs pointing downwards (-8mm) into the bed.
Layer height makes a difference with how the cover clips in. So try to go for higher resolution (0.1- 0.15 layer height). But infill can be lower 10-20%.


Shelf Bracket

Designed for 10mm thick shelves. There's an optional 5mm spacer for thinner shelves.

shelf1 shelf2 shelf3


Mosfet Rack 3up

This is a simple design for Style 1 type mosfets. I have 1x for the heatbed and 2x for the dual hotends. Not too sure how crucial the extra mosfets are for the hotends, but what the heck eh, might help save the board from frying.


I'm yet to print this version, so you can beat me to it and let me know come it comes out!


FannyDuck (Fanduct)

I wanted something to fit my exact needs. I was having problems with other designs; they'd hit the prints, get melted, distort, melt further and the fans themselves would fall off. So this one has jump the que as it's a bit of a priority.

Camera Arm

work in progress > need to print samples + take pics