Muimui is a lady who likes anime and cutesy stuff like turtles. So here is a collection of things we've done for her.

- Keroro Gunso
- Afro Gunso
- Ickle Frog & Turtle
- Disney's Tigger & Eor

Keroro Gunso (ver1.5 + flying board)

st5 st6

st2 st3

 ST1 st4

st8 st9

st12 st10

st11 st13 

Afro Gunso

eb7918 eb7903 

eb7896 eb7895

eb7899 eb7900

eb8083 eb8087

eb8085 eb8079

eb8080  eb8091

Frog (Quick sculpt)


Disney "Tigger" Garden ornament

tig1 tig2 tig4

tig3 tig5 tig6

Disney "Eor" garden ornament

donk1 donk4 donk3

donk2 donk5 donk6

To add: Turtle