Uses: keepsakes, statues, prop making/makeup effects, movies, ballistics, keepsakes or as gifts for friends and family, allsorts really.

What is Lifecasting?
It's the process where a cast copy is made from a person (lifeform). Usually hands, feet and faces are common. It's possible to do a full body, but it takes up space and uses quite a lot of materials.
Casts can then be made from the moulds. The casts can be made from plaster, resin or other materials suitable for casting (like ballistic gel).
Pigments/fillers can also be added to achieve varying results. For example glow in the dark, fluroescents, marbling, metal (coldcasting).
Coldcasting is where metal fillings are added. Typically, bronze, aluminium (silver look) which give a nice weight and metal feel when finished.
With lifecasting, essentially, you get a statue copy and become immortalized!
There are many techniques for lifecasting. I'm developing my own mehthods and finishes.

* When booking, please wait a week or so to get everything prepared in advance. Also expect some time to finish the cast for presentation when done.
* I could possibly do home visits. Basic critea are I need somewhere to park, and not too far some south london, Streatham. I might have to charge if you're miles away! (more info below) casting won't take long etc
* Casting should take around 30 mins. Once done and after cleanup, I cast immediately. wriggly kids are more diffiuclt and may require more time.
* 1 mould per foot/hand at a time (better results).
* Both child and parent should not bring clothes they don't want ruined. Although mess isn't that bad, cleans up easily while wet. When it diers it gets powdery
* I can do stands for Lifecasts. Bases can vary in shape (bespoke).
* I don't have display cases anymore unless you ask me to get one from ebay or amazon. That's an additonal cost. Note "case"" isn't listed in my price breakdown.
* Other options include: no case, just leave it on it's stand, keep it in a shoe box, in the fridge lol. Ikea might have something.
* The risk - Casts might come out imperfect due to various reasons. I'll offer recasts at £20 (I want people to be happy with what will eventually become a lasting memory. I'm not out to make money on this, but it's to help cover the costs).

Any questions, please ask!
Hate being a salesman but I recommend doing this if you're considering it. Kids grow quick.


Now using alginate and resin with fillers to do casts. Makes them lighter and more durable than plaster. Lifecasts are available with various finishes using additional fillers/pigments.

If you want a cast done and are in the London area - Drop us an email

Keepsake Paperweights

These are clear-casted ornaments with a personalized touch. They could also be used for other things such as fridge magnets. They can take a bit of time to make as each one is put on a lathe to smooth down and polish the tops.

keepsake1 keepsake2 keepsake3

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Alginate/ Resin Casts (new technique)

Much quicker and easier to do. Still developing technique for efficiency but the science is there.The process requires 1 session per mould/cast. Alginate is usuallly safe on skin, but if it's best to do a little skin test first to check for any allergies. Babies are a bit tricky to mould as it's harder to keep the baby still during the moulding process. It only takes a few minutes to mould, but usually the new experience makes them wriggle more. So it's a good idea to have things to help distract the child while it's being done.










trev boyce max

Baby Meg - 3 1/2 months

meg1 meg2


 1:1 scale plaster cast heads (old technique)

- Thanks to all the volunteers -
Don't worry, they were all unharmed and survived! The mould was made with plaster bandages. The casts were done  in plaster with a foam core to make them a bit lighter.


gem1 gem2 gem3

gem head 


boyce head 


matt head 


russ head 


sef head