Welcome to the Gallery.


This section is not the SHOP. Items here are not for sale unless listed in the SHOP section.
This is just for showcasing examples of work to demonstrate what stuff I can do.
But if you want to ask questions, perhaps commission something similar, then please feel free to get in touch! 

Here you'll find Completed Projects, WIPs, Doodles and other kinds of things. Where creativity and imagination takes over and I become just a slave to the machine.

I don't know how most of it happened or where it came from, it almost built itself.



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Walls - Quick builds including fences and weathering effects.

Plinth Central - Various shapse & styles & paint schemes. Never ending.

Death Pit - Scratch built terrain with crushing functions.

Cryostasis Tube - Cool gizmo with lots of potential.

Warp Shell MkI - Blast template/ dome with experimental effects. (To be added) 

Birdcage - Decorative item which can be used with plinths. (To be added)

Bases - Various styles and sizes for basing models.

Spiral Stairs - watch tower - mansion house



Mantic Ghouls- Pair of lightly converted ghouls with scenic bases. 

Dwarfs- 2 little fellas, one named Sheamus.

Tree People -  Dryad Regiment.

Dwarf King's Hold - Dwarf set from Mantic Games.


Rhino - First attempt with remarkable surprises.

Stompy - One crazy trooper with spring loaded rockets.

War Walker - Awarded 1st place in local Painting Competition. (To be added)

Brain-Machine - One of the early day kit-bashes of madness.



Quickish - lots of weird things, Skulls/Heads, Pods, Animals, Busts....

Life Casts - Copies of real heads, feet & hands.

Truescale Marine - Request inspired project. (To be added). Won a conversion contest.



MuiMui Collection - Bunch of alternative models.

Eldar rebuild - Personal old army including lots of metal figures being remodelled. (To be added)

Various Warhammer - Rhino, Landspeeder

Doodles - Designs, sketches, drawings, canvas etc.