Goofing around, learning about the pixies, repairing stuff and making simple circuits.

Electronics, a motviational tale.
For many years I've been deliberately avoiding understanding electronics properly. I knew batteries made leds light up and adding too much power burns them out.
That's about it. Nothing about resistors, or the relation between volts and current. Even though I had heard the formula, it meant nothing to me really.
But that didn't stop me in my youth from trying to plug a torch striaght into the mains because I had no batteries. How I survived or haven't caused a fire is luck.
As I played guitar, I used to make leads. My soldering techniques were s**t. But it worked, so I left my skill level there.
But then I started to encounter problems with equipment and reluctant to pay for repair, as I simply can't, I had to scratch my head. It's a similar scenerio with the car; generally cheaper doing things yourself. It's the ol' lesson of desire and determination. And even though it was all still so confusing, slowly it started to make sense.
I truly thought before electronics was something beyond me, so didn't bother try. I'd look at circuit boards and not really know what I was looking at. But now it's like the matrix, I suddenly see the connections. The terminolgy is something I've heard but it never sunk in. I can now acrtually jabber about resistors ohms, bridge recifiers etc. I'm still confused in many ways and I'm not trying to boast my skills. but I've definately levelled up. I now have more confidence and pleased knowing I can fix future problems and save a buck here and there.

The foam cutter and trying to rig the button to work.
It's that feeling of cracking a puzzle and opening the box.
Be patient, be logical. Remember Robocop; "They fix things", you can too!
If you're still unsure about something, don't just strop, come back to it when you have a better understanding. Have oher projects to go to.
There's another satisfaction coming back to finally resolve an old issue. So although be determined, know that it might not be instant, you might even have to wait for another day.

So I've been playing with small projects, whilst repairing applicances like pc motherboard, monitor (capacitors). I'm looking at old models, and thinking if I should bust them open and redo the electrics.

I'm planning to build the 3d printer, although it seems mostly plug and play.
So future designs from now on will have electronics in consideration.
Who knows maybe I'll figure out robotics. I'm slowly building a electronics station with goodies. It's proven itself enough to me to deserve some dedicated space.
The next main stage for me will be getting an arduino and start learning how to program.


LED Xmas card :)

Why not make something a little extra special for someone!


xmas2 xmas3 xmas4

Used a glue gun to hold things down. The battery is just taped on with electrical tape. There's a spring to make the connection and complete the circuit. Anything non-conductive could be used as a tab to keep the lights off until pulled out.
.......Evil penguins!


Yihua 936D

Fairly cheap, heats up quick, came with Yihua 907D iron. Getting spares is also dirt cheap! Interestingly it has a YH939D board inside.

yihua1 Yihua2

Original layout. I've attached the earth cable to the transformer. It already had a ring terminal, but was covered with heat shrink for some reason. I then decided I wanted the switch on the other side. So the transformer got rotate 180 to manage the wires better. There was so much vacant space that I wrapped the excess power cord. I could have clipped it shorter, but kept it just in case.

yihua3 yihua4

Had to dremel the screw post a bit and the backside of the switch PCB to get it to fit. Then a blob of glue gun to stop ot jiggling. Tucked away in it's space, it's a heck-a-lot easier to turn on and off.

yihua5 yihua6

If you get one of these, they're great, just check the earth connection!


Helping Hands

Not something I particularly wanna show off. There's silly-stupid and there's lame. This is more on the lame side but it's better than what it was before.
Originally it was a big waste of space plastic solder station. So I ripped the arms off and needed to make something smaller to hold them. So that's how it came about.
Nothing to fancy to note other than it has leds inside the crocodile clips.
It's actually kinda annoying. It makes me jump because I naturally think it's a spark or something (sudden flash of bright light).
The arms also tend to sag if you lean on them too much. It works just about to help do small solder jobs.

hands1 hands2

hands3 hands4

hands5 hands6

hands7 hands8

hands9 hands10

hands11 hands12



RGB powerbank

I ordered RGBs and needed to find a purpose. I noticed quite a bit of available space inside these powerbanks, so challenge accepted. Ordinary white leds could be used and turn this into more of a flashlight. There's still space for some more leds if desired.

rgbpowerbank1 rgbpowerbank2

rgbpowerbank3 rgbpowerbank4


Snap circuits board

Vartiable labbench PSU

civic base