One of the early day's conversions. A merger of man and machine.


Various model parts used (various scale).
LED eye.
Battery under base (Press down on torso to eject battery).
Springy waist.
Moveable dozer blade.
Mirror-Card wing mirrors.
Some sculpting in places.
Magnet each side on chassis.
Conversion Contest Entry.

Making this thing was pretty fun. It's nice when you can find uses for the bits box and I want to try and use as many bits as I could and use them up (There are many bits-boxes). This was a proper kit bash project, before I knew how to sculpt (but I did have a go at sculpting a brain).

b1 b2

b3 b4

b5 b6 b7

b8 b9

b10 b11

Some repairs had to be made. The mohawk had to be repaired (the spike which goes through and attaches to the head/brain is now a metal brass piece).  The big exhausts broke off and are still waiting for repair. However they may be put back after painting.  The small people are quite fragile. One of them has lost his hand and is about to break by his ankle.
The painting is challenging as the wires get in the way and the springy torso makes the thing move about. Looking at it now, the colours needs to be more vibrant, some dark fine lining will help make them stand out more.

b12 b13

b14 b15

b16 b17

b18 b19

This project has unfortunately hit the sidelines (on hold), but hopefully it'll get finished.