Bases and basing accessories.

These toppers require sanding flat. It can be a bit tricky but using a sanding board helps (sandpaper stuck to a piece of wood).


25mm Base Toppers

Resin cast bases suitable for basing miniature models & figures.

b1 b2

b3 b4

b5 b6

b7 b8

b11 b12

b9 b10

b13 b14

b15 b16

b17 b18

b19 b20

b21 b22

40mm Base Toppers

40mmgroup 40mm1 40mm2

40mm4 40mm3 40mm5


These were moulded, but got damaged during removal, so a new set will have to be sculpted.


Barbed Wire
Features in projects: Stompy & Death Pit

barb3 barb1

-To be Added Graves.