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DOWNSIZING - a return to the corner


I've gone too nuts trying to expand. The time has come to bring it all back in. I no longer need several setups, I got the skills if need be. The only focus of DC is now just 3d printing. Even that is going to be limited.

Iíve been running DC for 10 years and no one is even aware. It's disappointing, but I'd rather have a family than bust my nuts for nothing, literally nothing. Just grief, expense, pressure, late nights, no holidays, health, and ultimately it's costing me my family (I'm not there for them because I'm always here).....just not worth it anymore. I want to enjoy life with my family. So I hope you understand I need a break from this.

Currently it's a total shutdown while I clear out junk and slimline the website, restructure myself etc.....So it's gonna take time before I even attempt to start running this 'small' business again. Maybe by summer, maybe not. If I can't even manage to sell Lithophanes/prints, then it'll be a total closure and I'm going to find a regular job.

For the few fans I've attained, I truly thank you for your support. Maybe we'll meet again in the future!

Overview of 2018 - Happy New Year 2019

Greetings as we head into the end of another year and reflect upon things that happened during 2018. What a year itís been. Let's break it down.

Although not much seems to have been happening, behind the scenes itís been very busy.

This year has been focused on introducing 3d printing into the workshop. So lots of studying, picking up skills, buying stuff, experimenting and things 3d related.

Iíve taken a break from moulding/casting/sculpting so I can focus on the printer. For the time being, stuff has been going into boxes to make space for all the 3d printing gear.

The website
This website has been a pain to organize my work. The hosting is terrible and has many glitches. It makes simple tasks a hassle. So I have the battle in trying to figure out how to display work etc in a fancy, logical manner. If I use the Gallery feature, I canít add text. So Facebook may be better for me to display pics. The list of faults is long. I just put up with it as I have other work to focus on. Using the site aggravates me despite it's supposed easy to use speak. This is why the website is such an eye-sore. Iíve had a couple of people try to help me before with getting a fancier site, but the techy stuff goes over my head. However Iím gonna have to get onto it as Iím gonna have to shift everything over to Wordpress or something. Itíll also be a lot cheaper!

So the nightmare will unfortunately continue, but instead of getting more and more messy, it should start to get neater. A Lot of stuff will need to be rewritten.

Electronic Adventures
I was a complete dummy when it came to electronics; when I was a kid, I tried putting a torch directly into the mains using a chopped mains cable. But I've learnt a lot in the space of about a year. Such as I should have crimped the ends first!

I've been getting more and more into electronics. Something I thought I'd never attempt but pleased to do so now. Itís pretty satisfying being able to repair things. It's still very confusing, but my understanding has greatly improved. Iím now in the process of learning programming for arduino.

Titbits of whatís been happening with the printer
These are things I missed out on blogging at the timeÖ..

*General upgrades:
fans for motors, dupont connections, belt tensioners, mainboard 8020 fan cover, 4 channel mosfet for RGBW, stock up on spares, upgrade pc with more RAM.

*Near fire, smoke. When I added fans to all the motors, I didnít upgrade to thicker cables.

*cracked the glass bed by dropping tools on it, doh!

*dealing with clogs, leaky nozzles, cleaning, messing around with assemblies Ė Ďget to know youí time.

*Played a bit with 0.2mm nozzles.

*Playing with other brands of filament: Real Filament, Surreal, Suntop, Ziro. More filaments mean I've had to upgrade my spool racks.

*And loads of printing fails, testing, file updating, taking notes, learning....stresses, experimenting, strugglingsÖ.

Designing Stuff
Still only using Tinkercad as itís quick and simple to use. However circles donít come out as nice round shapes.

Maybe a second computer and printer would speed up the process. Itís a bit slow when designing, trying to problem solve parts, wait for prints to complete (fail), make adjusts and send it back to the printer again.
A long overdue design (Dual Z) has opened a can of worms. Iíve designed a system, however whilst designing I figured Iíd upgrade the frame as well. So Iím making changes for a bigger frame with longer leadscrews. I got the longer leadscrews, but the shipment for the frame didnít appear. So I have to source some extrusion from somewhere else.

Currently as of writing, Iím working on a 30 to 40mm fan adaptor to prevent heat creep.

Woe Is Me - the devil likes to moan.
Iíll try not to rant and not go into too much detail:

*Motivation Ė depression Ė and those kind of negative thoughts. Iím at war with my demons. Itís a constant fight with myself to do things.

*Stress Ė I guess I have a stressful life, donít get much sleep. Havenít had a holiday in 12 years.

*Health Ė Iíve got a messed up frozen shoulder (diabetes complication), getting older (groans when moving). Pain is on agony levels. I exercise more now trying to combat it. Iíve had a bit of treatment but it hasnít helped, so the next step might be surgery.

*Family/kid - <groans>..... Life has been a drain; my daughter is autistic and my diabetes has been hard on our family. Things are constantly changing. Time flys by. My kid now attends school, so this is partly why Iíve had more time recently to catch up on everything. But weekends at home are a nightmare as itís a bit distracting with all the screaming and banging going on (meltdowns).

*Living conditions Ė trying to put money aside, so weíve been living with shoddy cooker, crappy microwave, a rusted car Ė gives a lack in quality feeling, yaíknow everything falling apart.

Resistance Ė People tend to not view what Iím doing as work. So they donít understand why I spend hours on a task or my mentality. It extinguishes the passion, and energy is required to reignite the spark. So by being more determined to push myself, people are more distant and start to resent me/my work.

[edit: chunks removed due to exceeded rant limit]

Some of this behind the scenes stuff makes things awkward for me to divulge. I'm just one dude, who is being pulled in multiple directions.

It's not easy doing what I do, and I want things to be polished before publishing it out there. Gotta be professional where I can right? Even this blog post has taken days/weeks drafting. Its nerve racking trying to write stuff of interest. To me, my life isnít what Iíd call exciting so Iím not sure whatís worthy of discussion. I donít want to post on a whim, especially serious stuff. I constantly draft and rephrase sentences so things have a flow. And bear in mind, itís probably 3am when Iím doing it.

You might notice I do things in batches. It'll still be like that as I work on several things all at once. Getting things through the different stages takes time. Doing things one by one would take even longer and be more annoying when hitting an obstacle. It would mean everything would grind to a halt. So I prefer having other things to work on whilst a fix is being thought up.
Iíve already been publishing a bunch of designs over the last month and a bit.

With that said my regular hours of work (focused time) are between 22:00 and 02:00. 

Well, I'll be teaching my daughter, so it'll be more for hobby rather than intense non-blinking, crossed eyed work. I might take on more digital sculpting.

Things evolve. I've been throwing out "bits boxes" as the printer can cover all my little "bits" needs, oh those boxes how I won't miss them. The amount of random bits a model maker collects, just in case.

A lot of paint pots have dried, so I'm trying to finish them off before  buying new.

My machine bench is reclaiming surface space from the clear up which is nice. Doing a set of plinths for example required space for organizing stacks at different stages of work. Knock the table and it's a face palm.

Iíll return someday. Sometimes itís good to have a break from something. Itís happened before with sculpting and itís like losing hang-ups you didnít know you had. Thereís suddenly freshness in the work again.

I would like to get the website properly organized before promoting my services. For the time being, I've removed the shop section. If Iím honest, no one bothered with it.

Hopefully Iím planning to run a printing service. Another reason for the focus on printing this year. But not until I have a second machine and maybe third so that Iím covered for out-of-action times. There are many other things I also need to consider before running a service.

Yes, I think it's great for people if they want little ones casted. Iíll only be doing this on a small scale, and within London area.
I canít do full body casts, just don't have the space or resources.
In theory I should be able to now do bases and names plates using the printer.

It's hard for me to keep my personal life out of my more business life. I struggle in life just like I do with work and I've found trying to be spiritual about things helps me not to explode all the time. I guess I'm quite a stressful person and I get accused of always shouting when I feel I'm being bold and to the point.

I believe we all have those inner demons type stuff we battle with, they hold us back. So I like to help in whatever way I can because life is too short. Iíve made many mistakes in my past, so this is a result of me trying to redeem myself and do better by people. Donít worry, Iím just as confused as probably you are.

I listen to (blame) a lot of Alan Watts, Les Brown, Wayne Dyer and many other motivational speakers.

Well music is an issue. Iíve had copyright strikes on tracks (Dark the Suns) even though I got permission from the band directly years ago. So Iíve had to remove the tracks which are bloody annoying as the edits are for those songs. I don't seem to get along very well with my editing suite (CyberlinkPowerDirector). I find organising clips very taxing on my system. So it pulls on a lot of resources. And I guess now, my camera setup isnít at its best anymore. Iím gonna need a better webcam as what I got is manual focus.

I also blunder about way too much. But I've always liked the idea of short series where I can ramble a bit on a topic.

However I hate the sound of my recorded video, and hate being in front of the camera. I've thought about subtitles or slideshows. It's something I'm still figuring out how to do in a comfortable way. Making videoís should be fun not stress.


Iím reluctant to do these things. So I prefer to avoid, but it has been suggested quite a few times to me.

If you want to donate, you can donate. If you want to sponsor, get in touch and we can discuss. Thatís about it, Iím not going to actively pimp myself to get stuff I havenít paid for.

Iím happy to share links to external sites as it helps the general community.

Iíd like to get another printer of course! Maybe another computer (laptop). I got many things to work on...

Build further my knowledge, experience, skills.

Generally do things on a bigger scale, as in be more hype this year. Put what I've been learning into practice.

Immigrate this website somewhere else and hopefully finally have pages looking neat and tidy.

Hopefully printing more MyDesigns, and less other people's designs.

Make blog entries more frequent, monthly would be good if I can manage.

This year has shown me I haven't spent time with people close to me, lost touch with friends, so that's something I would like to change. On the whole I feel pleased with how the year has gone. It feels like a year invested knuckling down.


I hope this entry helps explain things. I might come back and edit further, but for now I need to publish what I got so I can move onto other things that are being delayed whilst waiting for this to be written. As you can imagine, Iím currently printing whilst ironing out details in designsÖ.it doesnít stop here.

I even forgot to put up the xmas banner. Didnít have time for a xmas message, instead I published a design (ExtruderPTFEClamp).  

I hope y'all had a good time. Mine was pleasant, no major dramas. Got a bit of glow in the dark PLA which was a nice touch.


As we enter 2019, may it be productive for everyone! Make it good people!


When you feel down and unrecognised for your efforts, remember; Hey!....I appreciate what you do!


GOT ANY QUESTIONS FOR the next Q&A? Post Ďem on my facebook page.

Until next time, Iíll be cracking on with that list

Earn those stripes

What another blog so soon? yeah, stuff has been happening...
Been hitting a series of issues, but generally it's stuff that needed to happen.

- First temp heating failures, which lead to discovering bed connection was burnt. So fix and upgraded with metal bed finally while at it.
- Then ran PID autotune and started seeing immediate improvements.
However I'm now struggling to get things to stick to the bed. Seems more sensitive to things being more tight.
It's delaying me getting on with other tasks. So they're piling up and it's becoming daunting. But I'm getting stuck in, making small advances.
- While I got the tool box out, I may as well do some other housekeeping. Trying to sort a better photocorner for pics.
- Lots of computer madness to workout. Updating firmware lead to computer tech stuff which I'm not fimilar with. Had issues communicating with the board. Some kind of Device Manager/ COM port problem.
- So currently I'm getting back to printing various models for print samples. I'm closely studying/watching and note taking. Many failed prints as I tune it in.

- Shoulder slightly better. I've been exercising it.
- As it seems I have more to rant about these days. I should really start looking at a better blog format.

My thought on 3d printing after 4 months.
yeah, I'm really impressed when thing go well. Just requires close attention which hinders me doing other things. I love how it requires that special touch/feel.
It's a lot like cooking. But it can be very frustrating and I find the location of my enclosure is not so good on the knees.
I learnt a heck-a-lot amd it's fun being able to apply it. Despite needing to babysit the printer, I understand it's part of the getting-to-know-you process, so it calms my rage at wanting to smash it from time to time.
But really I'm making jumps in progress quicker than I can blog about them!

It'd be nice if I could get even more seriously stuck in so I'm hoping to upgrade the software. Then I need to find more time to get designing.

I think the missus is impressed but at the same time isn't all that interested....she might even be annoyed that I seem to show more attention to the printer than I do her....sh_t.

Maybe some pink PLA will win her over?

......My main cooling fan has just died, ffs.

We march forward!

Ok, time to blog on what's been happening.

- I've messed my shoulder up and the doctors says it could be a frozen shoulder. Seems to be a thing for diabetics who are getting older. It's been screwing me up for months; making injections difficult, disrupted sleep, driving, limited range of motion, putting on clothes/removing them....agony. But I'm getting it checked out, just hope it's not a permanent thing.

-Family life has been a bit calmer recently. Our daughter has made a development in understanding. So communicating with her is much better and I'm able to drop her off at nursery without needing to attend with her. So I have more time to now do some work. There are still many difficulties, but it's just a little less stressful right now. Also the weather is better, so going out is more fun.

- It would be hard to not noticed the studio has been taken over by 3D printing related things. I've been really enjoying Tinkercad. I'm pretty pleased with my progress in learning the art of 3d printing. In the space of just a couple of months, I'm already at a stage where I can help others.

- Haven't had any time to do any sculpting, painting, airbrushing, etc. But I still plan to incorporate things like these at some point. So the website won't solely be about 3d printing. Maybe by the summer I could try combining prints with sculpts etc.

- I've removed the SHOP, due to change in manufacturing. However Lifecasting is still available.

-I've mention webcam and tour video...I'm bumble-f**kering about thinking how to film it and make it all jazzy and not sound stupid. I haven't forgotten. I apologise for delays.

Here' an idea on how my workflow is going right now:

I jump from preparing a batch of files on Cura and get the printer going. Then either I look up more stuff, update my spreadsheet with profile settings, update print guide notes, or design on Tinkercad.
I have to have quite a few good prints on the go so that I can spend more time doing other tasks. If the printer isn't behaving quite right, it interupts the flow and takes me on other journeys.
Then I get onto taking pics and reviewing them, maybe do reprints in order to get better photos etc.
Pics are another process where I have to have stuff printing without needing my attention too much.
Then if I'm able, start gathering the information and prepare all of it  get it uploaded.
Then double check the writeups, and everything is alright.
For me, it's a lot of computing which I hate doing normally.....sitting like an old vulture trying to stay awake.

So all in all, things are good busy, there's plenty behind the scene stuff being worked on.
I'm trying to keep a balance by prioritizing tasks/stages so that things can keep moving.

Plan Of Action
- I've released some designs for download. I figured that's something people would want asap. I get it, people only want me for my tutorials and designs...violins. Jus kiddin :p
Now that's done somewhat, I can finish off my guide and get that published.
- Then a batch of print samples will probably be ready.
- Then maybe then I can start to focus on that tour video.
- At some point I'll have printer upgrades to do which will basically be rebuilding the thing with new parts. Finally get that metal bed attached!
- I should tidy the electrics, but I have a feeling it won't be that high a priority. Other things keep popping up.
- Then probably another batch of print samples to see improvements.
- Then update guide with what's learnt from print samples.
- I'd like to test out fanducts, so I might have to have a think of a rig.
- At some point maybe look at more advanced software for designing and slicing.
- Look into other filament types, like PETG.
-And then...I should be skilled enough to the point where I can offer printing services etc and not be a cowboy. Maybe by then I'll have another more fancy printer ;)

...So as you can see, lots to do....We march forawrd (opps, I tripped)!

Is it xmas yet?

Quick recap, feels like the year has passed already!

Mainly been busy with the 3d printer. Loads of files, recording profile settings, getting my experience hours in. Bought more filament and started designing my own stuff.
It's taking me ages to get round to doing updates as I've been that wrapped up. I thought it would help during my working hours, but it's added to them instead. So I've had to work further into the night as it's better to focus without distractions.

We had crazy weather which froze our pipes and then the mainline burst and people were without water for 3 days. School had to close. It's beginning to get brighter/warmer but who knows these days, could snow tomorrow!
My kid is obviously bigger, and her needs are increasing. She only has 1 term left before going into reception year. So we're feeling the pressure of getting her ready for big school. It's going to be a massive shock for her as she hasn't even done a full half day at nursery and is not used to loads of people, uniforms etc.

Next month (april) will be more 'me' based as it'll be my turn for hospital appointments, insurance renewal.
Hopefully I'll finally be able to get my car's suspension sorted.

Apologies again for delays! Even if I'm not at my desk, I'm constantly thinking of work and what needs doing. So if I'm not updating (or is seems quiet here), I'm probably busy doing something!

New Year madness!

The new year has been non stop busy. As mentioned, I recently got hold of a Tevo Tarantula. I've been struggling getting it assembled, but I'm near the point of turning it on for the first time.
So I tought it would be a good idea to update what I've got and share my experience so far.
Waiting for it was a killer. I realize being xmas at the time there'd be delays, but didn't it think be so long.
Knowing it's going to need loads of work, I got really annoyed with it before it even arrived!
I shoulda just gone for CR10, but I couldn't afford it. However not realizing the amount of upgrades it needs, it'll probably end up costly more! I guess I'm a sucker for punsihment.
But it should be a very insightful experience and if done right will work out great (apparantly) for my needs.
Trying to sort out an enclosure and setup the space is still taking shape.
Had to bite the bullet and buy an Ikea METOD cabinet 60x60x60 £19 and some fisko frames. Bloody things are plastic! I was going to make new frames and hack into the cabinet sides. But I decided I couldn't be bothered. Which turned out to be a good thing as I need to screw things ot the sides.
Haven't quite worked out the door yet.
The plan is begin with 3d printing, later towards summer, moulding casting.
There should be a lot more blogging (3d printing mainly). When I've made progerss on printing, I'm sure the scupting and all the other crafts will start to reemerge.

Yes, more paperwork. Got lots of notes to organize, compile and write up into guides. I've actually been tackling it. Then I can get round to designing!

I was in the process of writing up stuff for the Patreon page. But I think I've decied not to do it. It just doesn't sit well with me. Perhaps there'll just be a paypal/me thing for one-off donations so that if people want to feel part of my journey, they can do. Anything recieved will go into the workshop.
ya'know, if you really wanna support - Just give my Facebook page a like, like comments, share, subscribe.

Looking into Wordpress so I can blog better.
New alternative website looking great.
A new webcam would be handy for videos.
Major car repairs to do. Poor girl is in terrible condition. Needs new shocks, control arms, engine mounts, weld up rust holes....

Been having a stessful time, applying for primary school for my kid. She's had a jump in her speak and understanding which is fantastic news. She stuggles though but she's come a long way.
Haven't quite been able to leave her at nursery yet. There's quite a lot of writing,making notes on her development. making activites for her, as well as the usually cleaning up after a hurricane has passed.
So playing with the other kids is another learning experience. Fun, makes me feel young again. It's a bit tough whilst managing diabetes, but in a good way (kept active).

Things are going to continue to change around while I bumble about.
by the end of year I sould have lots of interesting stuff made up and hopefully offered out in the shop.
Speaking of which, this year will lead up to DC's 10 year aniversay. Would be nice to make it special.

Merry Xmas

Merry Christmas y'all!

Dec is flying past fast, the cold mornings are bitey. Mainly been doing paperwork and studying again (3D design). Done some tidying up on some of the imagines on the website.
Still want to use wordpress or get back on forum boards. It's better for me to display rough wips there than on here.
Then I have the knightmare of going through thousands of video clips and get my head around formats etc.
It would be good to upload new vids (old clips yet to be made into vids) on Youtube and update the music playlist. I might cover some old stuff to begin with. Like showcase the Stompy model, Death Pit, Cryostasis etc. Although old and maybe boring to some of you, it'll mention stuff not done in the writeups.

I got a solder station which I figured was kinda essential considering my sudden interest in electronics.
And I've been playing with the variable lab bench PSU thinga-ma-jig which was repaired not so long ago.
It's coming in very handy in understanding NiChrome wire and doing experiments. Very pleased for a change!

Haven't been moulding/casting due to the cold. Sculpting has also taken a back seat while I'm doing electronics. But I plan to get back on it when I got the lab setup a bit better. I got little components and cables everywhere making my desk cluttered.
Sorry I haven't been able to do a video in time for xmas.
But I have started the patreon page. So if anyone wants to throw a couple of bucks into the projects, you can do it through there. I'm working on the reward system and other bits to thank patreons. I'm open to suggestions.

Apart from that life hasn't been that thrilling. 2017 ain't over yet! Stress from multiple angles. After a while though they seem to counteract each other. Maybe it's more the case it's easier to stop thinking about one stress by replacing it with another for a while....<feck>. I'm managing to find other ways around the motivation-blues, keeping a low-profile while I sort myself out.
Mainly being focused on the 'mission/objectives' and not be so distracted by others. That's not to say ignore people, but I just don't have the time to 'entertain' someone who isn't really wanting my opinion or anything (just waffle to - hey that's my job!). I guess I've become a bit more blunt these days. I got my head in books and grinding that stone.

So 2018 is drawing near. Should be more interesting than this one. I'm hopng with the end of 2017, I can leave some stress behind me.
If you're reading this on christmas day, what's wrong with you!? My prediction will be 2x mugs,wallet, some kind of pocket tool...we'll see.

Merry Christmas to one and all and until all are one! Now transform and roolll out!

State of affairs.

Wow how things have been changing. Messing around with electronics has been fun and a good break from my usual activies. Combined with getting a new computer has injected much needed energy into the workshop resulting in me being kept busy. It's taking me a while to get up to speed with the new tech. It's a nice small machine. Makes me feel like a dinosaur. And I've also been able to repair both the old pc and monitor (replaced capacitors).
I've been mostly organizing myself these days, not so much working on projects. I'm studying lots and arming myself with new knowledge before hitting the bench again. I have managed to slip-in a couple of quickish items such as the paint pot spinner and some other electrical projects. So it's given me a few little things to keep the website ticking over.

I'm whacking away at the paperwork, still a mountain. Any progress for me is good. You might have noticed little changes like updating content on website here and there.There's still plenty more to do; rewriting stuff, making new imagery for website, deleting loads of unneeded pics, blah blah.
Finally getting pics uploaded after a long time struggling. Basically had to reprocess them, huzzah! That was a real mojo killer. I also managed to do a video! It's been many years, but I hope it'll spark a new series of youtube videos. I might start a wordpres blog thing, just saying (more reminding myself).

Other tidbits: Personal dramas
It's easy to just say stress/depression. There are issues some people will relate to, from; worrying about how my kid will grow up, to my elderly mother who should be enjoying her years but isn't really.
I don't really have the power to make the decisions, so I feel it's largely out of my control.
Doing simple things become complicated; like, how to cook dinner without it being an issue. We don't eat until usually 9pm (after kid has gone bed). I have to do shopping on my own otherwise my kid goes nuts in the shops and she's big now. I can't carry her around anymore and it's ruined my shoulder lugging her heavy butt.
Nursery is tiring, fun but tiring. I'm suppose to drop my kid off, but she's too clingy so wants me to hang around. The other kids gang up on me inthe funnyist of ways. We need to work on the detacting part, which will be tough going.
But on a positive note, I had a doctors checkup and my results came back saying my diabetes has improved. I guess that's just a reflexion of what's been going on (bust-a-nut = better diabetes).

I think I'm finally at a place where I'm ready to do one of these fund-me campaigns. I've always been reluctant before, but now I think I need the support and backing of others to help push these ideas further.
With that I've been looking into 3d printers more and more, and I believe the time is right for me to get into it and the tech is ready for me to take advantage of it.
I'm sure I won't have the typical approach so who knows what it'll make! So to get a printer, I'll need to start a patreon page and see if people want to back me with my crazy ideas.
They'll be rewards and contributions would be much appreciated. I'll do another blog post focusing on 3d printing which I'll cover more about the ideas I have for it.
I hope people don't think I'm a sellout. I've tried so long to avoid crowd funding. But if I'm honest, I've been struggling for years with this business. I didn't realize how the speed of progress could suffer.

Being now November, it's gonna get crazy until the new year probably. This is an expensive time of year for me. So I won't be able to fork out as much. The new computer and monitor took several months of saving money, still hurts. However it'll give me a chance to knuckle down and type stuff (writing, filming). Renewed subscriptions like the website also....grumble mummble...
It's getting colder. It sucks here, and f**k working on the car in the cold! MOT was causing a bit of anxiety, but the car passed. It's gonna need new shocks, brake lines, bushes on top of the other stuff that still needs doing!

These are exciting times despite the ranting. It feels great having a fresh start with new information and experience. It's strange as before learning these things seemed daughting, but now suddenly I seem to find simply embracing whatever it is, is much easier. So I don't quite have a full plan of what I'm going to be making, but I have plenty of ideas.
This business is going to be reshaping, and you're welcome to follow and be part of the journey!

Preparing for end of year


Generally trying to keep my sanity and not screw things up further.

Personal life: Many challenges and difficulties still continue. Stress has been building up. Spending more time with family.

Kid is getting bigger so typical stuff piling up, old car seat, clothes etc. Sheís started nursery which is quite an experience (for me also).

Summer flew by with not much excitement. Didnít work on the car at all other than replace the horn.

Now we're preparing for the end of year, appointments, bills, bdays/events...cold.


Business: Stagnated in many areas, but trying to rejuvenate where possible. Not really getting the chance to get stuck in.

Been slow trying to decide what to work on, so been doing further studying; electronics mainly, pc electronics, 3d designs.

Doing nothing drives me mad!

Been thinking about doing videos again. Maybe a series of me babbling. I tried to do a foam cutter video, and I just rambled like an idiot. What would you guys think?

Did a bit of painting and discovered I need new brushes and new paint . Lots of paint pots have dried up. At some point down the line I might get some new paint, but for now I'll try to use up what I got.

Moulding/casting is on hold until I build up enough stuff thatíll be worth while doing.

Gotta get on the lathe. Bitched about a power unit for so long, now I got one, haven't used the thing!

Website - hesitant to reformat computer. It's a spare and not very reliable. Might end up with no computer at all. So I've ordered a new one. Ouch! Not too pleased with PC-World for tricking folks into thinking the sale was finished. Had I ordered the next day I would have got £30 off. At least with a new computer, I'll be able to do things like upload pics, video edit easier, do 3d designing and have something more reliable that works.


There's a glimmer of light people, things might be slowly changing!

Receiving transmission

It's been a rough road all the way and things haven't changed much in that regard.
It's hard for me to remember what happened yesterday let alone over the last year. However generally it's been stress, depression, frustratons..things that aren't happy.
I've been struggling with parenting as our child has some special needs. I'm not sure how my diabetes has been, it seems to be more stable these days and I'm more reliable at doing my injections.
But I think playing (wrestling) with my kid helps keep the sugar down. It's been difficult trying to manage the home on a daily basis,

My studies continued, so my general understanding of anatomy and bodybuilding is much better.
Generally my sculpting has improved as well as my moulding/ casting skills. Still not quite to the level I'd like to be but when I look back, I've come a long way.
Been reflecting/reviewing past work and strategizing what direction to go.

I tend to post only when I have something worth while.
With the lack of response I usually get, it makes me doubt the quality of my work and ultimately my abilities.
It  would have to be impressive, which ends up needing more time. And as I don't usually know how things are done, I have to work it out first.
That's why these days I don't bother showing wip's photos.

I wonder if this path I choose is too much; the hurdles, challenges, gamble, not knowing, alone....depression.
My personal life has gone haywire, so it's taking a huge effort to get life on the right tracks.
Lately most of my effort has been in restructuring myself, listening to motivational speakers and such, becoming even more spiritual, meditating, exercising, being more kind and open, facing demons, that sort of  thing.
Anyway, I'm building my strength gradually, trying to cut out the distractions and keep focused.
Not sure where this'll all lead me, but it's better to be prepared for an opportunity than not.

I'm sorry if people find things like the lack of updates are annoying. Believe me, it annoys me too. There's still a long list of things that have become stagnate so plenty of work to be done.
Those who keep checking in and following, mean a great deal to me. You're about as much company as I get. Thank you.
Not sure if this all explains how and why things are the way they are currently. I'm trying to open up whilst not ranting off complaining.

So to all dreamers, keep striving for what you believe.
If there is a will, there is a way. And if not, we make one!

UPDATES progress

New tutorials - moulding/casting, sculpting, quick tips
Open Etsy/ebay shop
New Plinths once lathe is working, also new paperweights can be done.
Lifecasting survey; mobile prep, price list.

Personal blog:
Diabetes seems to be stable but on the high side. Need to get control tighter, trying to do exercise and get healthy.
Tired of depression, self esteem low but there's still a fire inside.
Spent time recently doing mechanics, learning new things.

family life is currently stressful. No social life/relaxation. However being summer, at least the weather is warmer.

casting back on hold. No point buying resin just forit to sit and go bad.
Not sure what to sculpt....pondering Lifecasting again. Perhaps I can do home visits and bring stuff with me.

2015 update

years go by, I should be at a stage where things are kicking off, but it hasn't at all...

I didn't go Salute this year as I didn't have the money for it. Normally it's an opportunity fo rme to stock up and do some market research. It's a dream to one day be able to have a stand there, but it's looking unlikely at this rate.

Toying with the idea of sourcing some crowd-funding. To be honest, I'm not keen on the idea as I think it morally cut corners, but I feel like I'm being forced more and more into it. I know I'm the right sort of person needing to do such a thing but it still doesn't sit well with my consious.

I've kept quiet on forums as I'm trying to consevere energy/effort. I miss posting and chatting with people and I hope to return with an arsenal of pictures and projects. It's interesting seeing how the industry is changing (might have to update some articles). It's a big factor when it comes to motivation, as it was through forums I was inspired to be creative and push the bounderies.

Problems doing work:
-money. No point investing in machines when a 3d printer could do the job. So waiting for santa to grant me my wish and give me a 3d printer.
-personal dramas = lack of motivation
-single handedly trying to do everything without anyone working with me. How do you expand a company when it's just 1 person? I do try to get myself motivated, kicking myself into gear and turning frustration into action, but it seems I constantly get the wind knocked out of my sails. I've ended up not wanting to start anything in fear that I'll have to stop. This causes bigger problems when it comes to moulding/casting.

-Don't have any packaging/ print etc. Might seem like a minor but working out how to send things for me is always an issue. If my products are meant to appear on the shelf, it needs proper packaging/labelling.

experimenting = time consumpsion and not necessarily getting the right results. Sometimes there's no easy answer and it's a case of discovery. So sometimes I might have an idea, but I can't get it to quite work right. I haven't been trained/taught these things. So I don't always know how best to do them. But I find people wanting tutorials from me which sometimes I also find hard to fulfil.

Currently having to hold back moulds before casting so that when it comes to casting, I can use the resin up quicker. Although you can get away with going past the shelf life usually, it's not too good if left for ages.

Lifecasting - If I had a seperate space away from my home, I could probably do it. But trying to do it in my kitchen isn't the most ideal space.

I still try to sculpt. Maybe it's just passing the time.
I don't know if there's light at the end of the tunnel. At the moment I can't see things improving, only getting more complicated. It's hard for me to get people to take me seriously and quite often I feel that people just don't understand.

I know I'll have to edit this everything -sigh-

Heading into late 2013 update

time for what's been going on.

Business staggered badly. I really werenít sure if I was at rockbottom or what. If youíve ever heard the expression Ďmake or breakí, I really felt like I was at breaking point. Not knowing what to do I carried on messing around with things and studying stuff to pass the time. I just wasnít making progress with anything. I started to hit many hurdles and couldnít get on my feet.
Salute let me see how far behind I am in terms of having an infrastructure. But that aside, I still persevere believing that if you build it, they will come. So over the past months, I started to sort out my website and pour my soul into the Cryostasis kit which has consumed my sanity for some years.

At the start of the year (I know itís going back a bit), I turned 30. Soon after me and the missus found out weíre pregnant. We were surprised to say the least. I didnít/couldnít make any announcements before because of the awkward living situation weíre in. My mum wants to return to the UK to see the baby but this will complicate things further. My relationship with my mother has been strained due to family issues not being dealt with. Iíve been blamed for all the troubles here and my rights have been deprived. Iím told to keep schtum (silent) and that itís none of my business. It's actually another reason why I haven't been able to speak in the past. Itís so bad and diabolical with the problem extending far beyond just me, that Iím now seeing a shrink. This is my second shrink as I was ďtoo muchĒ apparently for the last one. I turned up with paperwork and she said I write too much lol. She is really urging me to go on anti depressants. Needless to say my health hasnít been tip top. I know I'm stressed out, but I donít want pills. Unfortunately I donít think pills are going to change the situation Iím in. It might help me "feel better" about dealing with things, but I believe I have justified reason to be stressed. My shrink tried to describe it like Iím treading water and getting hit by wave after wave. The pill would be like giving me a surf board so I can ride them. I replied saying Iím more like a rock hopper penguin, I face waves head on.
Itís difficult for me to explain the situation properly and there are even bigger difficulties ahead. But itís a big relief to finally say; yeh Iím gonna be a dad. My objective nowadays is focusing on baby and work and trying not to let family issues consume me. Although Iím stressed and havenít been able to enjoy fatherhood fully, I am pleased about having a baby and already look forward to the years ahead. It has put things into greater perspective, but I have worries and concerns because of the family issue/situation. This isn't paranoia. For raising my concerns, I have been blamed for all the troubles.

Iím currently sorting and clearing the home and trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible to make space for the baby and my mum. Luckily weíve had donations from friends/family who recently had children, so thatís been a big help.

Iím hoping that I can get work to a stage where I donít have to worry so much about overcoming hurdles so that I can concentrate on preparing things for the baby. I recently got a vacuum chamber to resolve the airbubble issue but thatís now made me kinda skint. Weíve been managing our expenses ok but understandably I can no longer put as much funds into DC anymore. Luckily though Iím pretty well tooled up now, and apart from goop for moulding/casting, Iím pretty well stocked. So I can still tick by for some time.

- I've been doing tutorials for Talk Wargaming
- Looking at Lifecast keepsakes again, developing the technique
- Sculpting new base sets
- On and off with the Cryostasis project
- Trying to knuckle down with paperwork
- clearing out/refitting studio space

There's plenty of things happening that I've probably missed out. But I gotta crack on...until next time folks!

UPDATE 25/10/13

Salute 2013

Great show yet again, loads of really cool stuff!
Got there very early, driving is so much better than public transport.

Bought mainly paint and got a couple of freebies. Thanks Hawk Wargames, looks great! The stand and peeps were really cool.
Got a sweet Goblin Shaman from Troll Trader, awesome!

There were lots of MDF buildings on sale (laser cut, so there was a burnt smell around the stands lol), lots of games being played, and lots of new smaller companies doing their thing. Although not as many stockists as previous years which was a shame.

Quite a lot of card style terrain appearing along with the MDF. Warmill had some really cool interesting terrain, check Ďem out!
Forgeworld just looked like a barn and uninviting. There was no life size marine tuttut.

Next year, Iíll try to plan it my trip much better. You would of thought by now, Iíd have this worked out but I promise to take lots of really great pics next time for you guys and hopefully if it's ok, I'll make some noise for Heresy Online!

Iím gonna get started with the Goblin and the Jason and the Argonauts figures

2013 so far

Hope everyone had a good new years. It's moving fast already.
In January I hit 30 and the start of grey hair. It sucks and I don't recommend getting old to anybody. If you can avoid it, do so!
Over the past weeks I've managed to slowly get onto sorting the website out.
I've tested out my mould/cast stock as it's been sitting around for ages and its actually alright.
Going through project backlogs. Wanna get BrainMachine finished.
Going to work on a few Pro-builds and put them up for sale.
Been painting some canvas, but I haven't really blogged much about them. Still in developing stages. But I've been cutting stencils and stabbing myself in the thumb.

XMAS 2012

Merry Christmas.
It's been a tiring day. Went round for the family dinner, got fed, got presents!! Pretty good stuff, fuzzy hats, a maze thats a ball and other bits and bobs - all good!
Much has been happening during the last few months.

- Spent loads on upgrading tools. Mainly for the Unimat and getting a proxxon table saw.

-Pressure on morale. Been feeling really depressed for a number of reasons and working aloneall the time gets well, lonely. You end up losing sight of what it is you're trying to achieve and who you're doing it for. But people don't usually want to hear about moans and hardship which I guess suits working by yourself ok.

-Diabetes hasn't been very good, doctors want to put me on a insulin pump.

-Sculpts have dwindled. Partly due to studying anatomy and focusing on Cryostasis project.

- Domestic problems. There are things I want to sort out but I'm not allowed to so I'm having to leave things as they are. Its a messed up situation and totally wrong.

There have been some good news.
My car has been getting batterd for ages. I've had it for over 10 years and it needs some attention. It's been a worry and hassle to get fixed up, but it's had some work done and drives/feels better. Not sure how long the car will last and I can't exactly afford a new or second hand car.
I also had to go through mega hassle to renew my drivers license due to my diabetes. I actually hink the matter is similar to discrimination. I still need to write up a proper blog about it (link). But eventtually I got my license back, so it was a reflief. It also meant I had a form of ID again and could finally do a bank transaction and close an account.

I'm geting better with the Nikon and its macro lens. I've had it for ages now and so really I should have got used to it sooner. But heck, at least there's new pics being uploaded to the site.

I'm glad that 2012 is over, it hasn't been a good year for me. Not sure what my thoughts are for 2013. I don't particularly care if its good or bad this time. I just want to make it productive and get my s**t in order.

Banner/Shield contest

Now that the competition has closed, I can spend some time talking about it.

-Why I did one
- Why I choose the type of competition I did
- Getting a prize together
- Promotion & Presentation (or lack of)

Still a good turn out with 4 entries. For quite a while it was just 1 entry.
And for me to run a competition feels good. I've never won any competitions and have had bad experiences each time. I don't think that's how competitions should be, where people feel cheated all the time. I prefer the more true spirit of competition where it's not only about the prize or level of ability (I prefer to see people pushing themselves with pride and effort).

-Future comps
Hopefully this will be a yearly event which will get better and better each time.

5/10/11 Update:
I have choosen my winner and have mae certificates for everyone who entered. I'm rather proud of them and so should our entries. Prizes are more or less packed, but while I wait for the certificates to get printed on photopaper there's still time to squeeze in something as they're comnig outta the moulds. But once I get the prints and sign them, the packages are gonna be sealed and shipped, hopefully before the weekend.
The prize: Loads of casts - bases, skulls, plinths, window kit and some barbed wire!

Everyone who enters gets a certificate.

Sea Shepherds + HMS Belfast

Me & the missus and a couple of friends went to the Sea Shepherd's fund raising event on the HMS Belfsat. The Steve Irwin was there. We had a tour of her a couple of days ago (Sunday). Awesome being on board both ships and meeting the crew and loads of people.
The Dead Sea Mob were there and I got to chat to a couple of the guys while they were at it. I was even offered to paint a nipple :) But it was probably best I did not lol. I really wished I spent a bit more time hanging around those dudes as the artistry vibes were just tingling in the air. I've messaged the guys and they've agreed to do an interview. So I'm really looking forward to doing that!
We got to meet Captain Paul Watson and he gave a passionate speech. I got to meet some of the other Sea Shepherds crew/team as well which was also awesome. Mingling around we also saw Bill Oddie and got to chat with him for a bit. Well I was too star-stuck to say anything really, I just stood there with a stare lol. Meeting people who want to make a difference for the good of the planet is a real pleasure and honor.
We saw the Hawkwinds for a bit. They were pretty trippy and also helping to raise money. They had one of those mad noise making things (it's like just a metal pole stuck in the table - I forget the name). Thinking about it now, I wish I had a better look at the gadgets the band were using.
Adam Ant were also there, but I didn't get to see them - I mighta had a bit too much to drink by that point >heck<.

Alas pics came out pooey, I'm sorry - my camera sucks.
Other updates:
Trying to do a lot of computing (which I'm not great at) so I can really update the website with goodies.
Been doing quite a few mess-around sculpts
Trying to get stuff together for Interesting Tactics
Chasing up production
.....the list goes on.....

What model making means to us.

What model making means to us

At a glance, many people just look at models and think they're just for kids or just as pretty little objects with not much real use other than perform maybe a few functions. Perhaps thatís what keeps them from being everyday items. However what is generally being overlooked is the statement the model is making and what went in to achieve it. Every model has a story and a background behind it and is a window into the mind of the artist (at the time).

Models reflect things in real life, imagination, and situation. They convey emotions, thought, desires and more. These are all communicated by the artist who is transferring their mind through to model. Therefore models are an extension of oneís imagination; bringing ideas into reality, and ultimately creating and shaping the world around you. Regardless of skill, one can see the mindset of the artist. Regardless of the brush, or sculpting tool, the mind is the greatest tool. Your hands are just extensions of that, and what they touch (as in art) is just a further extension of that. By studying how a model has been tackled, one can see the chain of thoughts the artist goes through. Things like what colours, trims, detailing, effects (or lack of), show the degree of thought. How it is all presented, photographed. All these subtle things highlight what matters most to the artist and gives an opportunity for the audience to see the world in a new light (so to speak). It also highlights what features the artist perhaps considers less important. Models are often used to pre-plan what our reality look like and how we would interact within that (look at architectural models). In the world of medicine, models can be produced from using patients actual details (such as their skull), and doctors can practice performing any surgery before actually doing the real thing. Dentistry uses many skills (and tools even) similar to sculptors.

The way in which models are made or built is another fascinating insight into the mind of the creator. Being able to see WIP these days is very insightful. What methods, materials, tools, planning they use are all interesting aspects of how the mind transforms imagination into reality. Ambition, courage and faith are also found here. Problem solving not only causes hours of head scratching but it forces the individual to push for a solution. So behind the scenes, there are constant little achievements (which would otherwise jeopardise the project) which have to be addressed and overcome, most of which goes unnoticed. The model maker is quite a warrior in some respect. There is vision, desire, passion, performance, execution and glory. The fight can be on a personal level or though competing with others. Regardless, the quest to be victorious is still the same.

The single individual model maker, bless their souls. In our eyes, these people are some of the most highly talented (maybe ambitious) people in the world. The skills involved can be applied to almost any walk in life. Each skill could be a profession in their own right but it is these individuals who attempt to do it all themselves. Not only is it skilful, but the mind in which brings all these things into balance must be organised, in-tune, and foreseeing. In the world of the model maker, they are god.

When people create things using essentially what is considered as junk, that's something quite special. It's looking at things, breaking away from the initial thought/intention, and creating a new in such a way that it was not intended in its original design. This process is giving extra value to what was thought of as rubbish. One man's junk is another man's treasure and in today's economic climate, creating stuff from recycled materials is good for the environment.  This approach really does push imagination and problem solving as recyclables are usually odd shapes and sizes and itís quite magical bringing it all together. If ever someone was considering doing model making and was hesitant to actually really get into it. We would highly recommend trying this approach. It is cheap, easy to get hold of, large models can be made and lots of them. And if ever you decide to throw it away, you wonít feel so bad for chucking out hundreds of pounds on materials.

Without models, the world would be a very very boring place. They can take many forms and in todayís world the possibilities are endless and becoming evermore self-creating. The distinction between model and consumable is becoming greyer. However to think the practice of actual model making as an art form will cease, we believe is unlikely. People apply creativity all the time without realizing it. And generally people like to be creative if possible given the opportunity. All that might change is the medium in which it is formed. The proof will be found in the determination of the artist. Even with computer technology, there will still be the need for real life models and reference material to work from. Film makers now combine model, computer, effects and other factors like music and acting in such a harmonious way that it becomes hard to distinguish what is what. Half the time audience arenít aware that what they are seeing is actually a model.  

So to all artists, of all natures, a huge well done for doing what you do. Never give yourself a hard time if things aren't going according to plan. Not all projects are meant to be but that is not to say they are not worth pursuing. Without art, the world would lack expression and we would all be like robots. So a huge 'Thank you' to all of you for contributing to make this world a much more vibrant place. Theyíll never find a planet in the universe with art and imagination like this one.

DustStore hiccups

This is where we try to explain what going on with the DustStore.

The problems:
Arranging stuff
As there can only be 1 sub category per page, extra consideration is being taken into account to avoid making things hard to navigate or look like an eye-sore. Also as we stock other consumer products and trying to separate that page whilst keeping it within the DustStore shopping section is another challenge. As the categories expand, it's likely things will need to shuffle around a bit.

Casting is a bit problematic and doing on such a mass scale at the moment is hard to do. Each cast is also being cleaned and tidied up which is time consuming.

Things like the Plinths are actually machined from blanks. So manufacturing them is actually a process which makes overall production time longer. So currently a set of blanks are being machined and then they'll be remoulded as plinths. This will speed up production as well as give the blank moulds a little rest (they'll still be available for blanks and other profiled plinths). So this situation is taking a while to complete as square and octagon sets are being done as well as in between sizes such as 35mm, 45mm, 55mm.
Other products have other similar problems. Generally lots of moulds need to be redone to optimize quality and production and avoid mis-casts.
We want to be in a comfortable position to pump out products without too much addressing attention. We also want to make sure things are of best quality and thus avoid unhappy people and returns.

We would love to have proper packaging in place but seeing how things are going; we are focusing on product and forgo the  fancy packaging for now.

Accuracy & Preparation
This was another big concern for us. We strive for perfection whilst knowing it is a false concept. As a result we would have to say Ďapproxí and encourage some additional modelling to really get the best out of our products. The plinths for example have been centre marked so that stacking them can be easier. However if layers arenít properly centred then things will start going wonky. Things like pillars would reflect this more.  So things like tutorials are needed to help show tips & tricks on getting it all together. The base toppers need to be sanded down which is something weíve noticed people arenít really doing. So currently weíre sanding every one down and itís taking ages.

Organising deals
Seems like the only way to do a deal is to add it as a separate product which isn't ideal really as itís splitting the stock count into two lots of products. What we might do is a sub-page for Ďdeals & discountsí.

Stock control and being notified
We want to make sure the stock count actually controls purchases. We don't want a situation where people are purchasing when stock is actually at zero. Ideally we would want a 'out of stock' displayed and not have to remove the product from the page.

Policy/Disclaimer/Term&Conditions (whatever you call it)
Working out the exact nit-pics is annoying. We would like to keep it short and sweet, but feel like we could be missing some keys points out. Postage is another area which concerns us a little (posting is no problem). To try to simplify it we are considering doing flat-rate charges. Time to prepare package for dispatching is taking longer than weíd like. This is mostly due to preparing the actual casts and making sure everything is in good order.

Not a huge problem, but the quality isnít exactly great.

We hope you can understand and we appreciate you for all your patience. Thanks

The Power of Kung-Fu.

One day I noticed I had a lump developing in the palm of my right hand (kinda opposite where the knuckle is but palm side). I ignored it for a while until it started to really interfer with doing things. I couldn't grip the steering wheel properly or use things like screwdrivers where grip is needed. I went to the GP and they said it was a ganglion. Normally the procedure is to remove it with a syringe . My GP didn't like the idea of that as my ganglion, being at the base of the finger has nerves by it. So she suggested I smash it with a heavy book and let the body absorb the broken pieces. Otherwise I was told to get used to it. I was left upset.....
...some time later (weeks maybe) and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and ignore it. It was still bothering me and many times I thought about getting a hammer. So I started to practice my nunchucks again with ouchies at every (right hand) grab. It wasn't until I was rolling out some clay with a metal tube I use often that I noticed I could roll the metal tube easily again. I stopped, and checked the inside of my hand. The ganglion was disappearing, only a tiny small bump was there! Hooray! I figured it must of been from using the nunchucks and constantly blapping my hand. So I dropped what I was doing and went to continue blapping it out of existence - and very quickly did it go! Months of annoyance solved by some simple nunchaku exercise!
Thank you Kung-Fu!

Starlog 485.454.97DCBloglist


To do Blog list:

  • Making Videos
  • Looking to the future - What I dream about, Where I want to go, What will Dusty's Corner be doing? What are Dusty's predictions.
  • Becoming Self-Employed - The journey, motivation, struggles, competition, the market, inspirado
  • Other stuff - Diabetes, Pets, interests
  • Community involvement - Podcasts, tuts, schools, recycling etc

This mountain I will climb.


Been working on a video - tense stuff.
Been preparing for Salute - getting clothing done with the D-C logo
Cryostatsis MkII slowly coming along - Working on the hatch part.
Been doing some sculpting just to keep practice up.
Had to go and get stock - Then return/exchanged it as it was leaking.
Yup...It's all piling up now, yikers.

From one thing to another


-Been studying webmastering this site. Finally figured out the emails and contact form. Don't like how the contact form is a complete page of it's own (but nvm it's there now)
-Pics uploads are on hold as I've got hold of a new Nikon D3100 and it's great so far, but still learning.
-Model making has slowed down, painting is ticking over. Finsihed painting some more plinths and a frog.
-Started to produce a new video (gonna make an impact). Watch this space!
-Having a look at Mantic's Ghouls. I'll be converting and showcasing these and hopefully Mantic might like them. These ghouls I bought for Ladydust's birthday, I was hoping to get her the Dwarf King's Hold game, but it was only available on preorder. Perhaps at Salute we'll pick it up.
-Salute, got tickets, we're going and with our new camera. Should be awesome!
- Been working on the Cryostasis MkII. All I wanted to do is make the upper block more as one piece. It's now resulted in nearly a complete redesign to enable a hatch at the top to open and allow the tube to be replaced. The tube itself is being worked on, sealing it independantly.

That'll do for now, catch y'all soon :)

It's beginning to make sense now

Well I've updated the site after a long time putting it off. The main reason is navigating/using the control panel. It's weird and takes ages to do slight alterations. Each time you have to go through the menu system again, jeez. But after a while, I've become familar to it and it's limitations.
Workwise - lots of terrain making, terrain painting (not much on model figures), graphics and designing.
Preparing for an interview or something for Interesting Tactics Podcasts. I've no idea what to say but we'll give it go.
Other news - My mum is returning, yikes! How long is she staying I don't know. But I do know that it's going get really crazy and stressful. And she lands on the same day as Ladydust's birthday! Which btw I'm getting for her is the Mantic's Dwarf King's Hold game.


Been moulding/casting/painting. Done some paperwork woot! Designing new product range. Cleaning house up. Been messing around with Skype. Haven't done much sculpting/airbrushing lately.


Quick Blog posdt to see what this feature looks like.

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