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Welcome to Dusty's Corner, the place where ideas come to life.


From what was once a small desk some 20 years ago, has now become a workshop where artistry meets functionality and creations become something quite unique.


London based in a town called Streatham, our products are made using many different skills and techniques from many crafts which make them great additions to any collection.




Our main focus is on producing miniature scale models (mostly for wargaming or architectural), but here we like to be as diverse as possible.


We also provide guides, tutorials, reviews and more to help people along.


Dusty's Corner hopes to provide an outstanding service, tailor made to satisfy your every needs.


So please feel free to drop us an email to discuss ideas, projects or for any enquires, we're here to help!


We hope you enjoy exploring the site, there's plenty more to come!
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See below for a Bio on the craftsman behind it all.


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Dusty would like to thank and a huge shout out to:

Family and friends, fans & supporters, Heresy-Online, TFM and their supporters, Dark The Suns, Esoterica (Eso), Bits & Kits, Novo Nordisk, Head-Cast volunteers (Gemma, Jack, Jo, Matt, Russ, Seth), Team Desmond, Haekmo, Tracy Brooks-Henderson (my Resistant Materials teacher), Dyer, Brown, Robbins, and many others including most importantly - You!

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Dusty is Trevor Jones, born in UK, living in London. Father English, mother from Philippines (such a beautiful country). Missus is also born UK, parents are from Hong Kong (also very beautiful). We also have a child.

Studied mechanics, sociology, media studies at college.  Participated in the school's orchestra, playing clarinet and also in the school's rock band (guitar/bass). Failed at skateboarding. Type 1 Diabetic, since 11. Capricorn, who's probably smacked himself in the head with nunchucks a bit too much.
Hates melted cheese, especially when it's put on burgers.


After passing my driving test with flying colours I put myself on a mechanics course in order to better myself as a driver and to make sure I understand what the heck it is that I'm in control of. Indeed mechanics will make you a much better driver and will be beneficial for your vehicle. So I enjoy finding out how things work and tinkering around with things.  But the true stem of wanting to know how things work came from retro 80's toys really (destroying them). Cartoons also had a role and in particular animations using models and sets which brought the whole thing more to life. As I grew, I learned that props were the tools used if you wanted to escape into Television and fantasy.

I love watching documentaries which I do mostly when ether painting or sculpting in the middle of the night when I'm stuck in the chair. Love loads of music during the day and it helps loosen my bones from sitting all evening. I can then do heavier work such as using machines without worrying too much about the noise. Occasionally I may still twiddle on the guitar to help loosen my fingers. My ongoing studies include: anatomy, bodybuilding, physics, sciences, architecture, design, ancient history, art, psychology, sociology, technology....

My missus and I love guinea pigs. Sadly ours passed away some years ago. I enjoyed making things for them. Don't worry, they never came into the studio. We love animals in general, even the neighbour's cat comes in to hang out with us.

These were our pets which we were very fond of; Polo, Pea, and Beanie. Click <here> for more on piggies.


Model making/craft is generally my hobby (see article "What does model making means to me" - Click <here>). It's where I can put my mind at ease from the troubles of the world and to something that I can do something about. There is also great satisfaction when achieving projects and reassurance that you haven't been going insane all this time!

I try to be interested in as many things as possible in order to broaden my understanding and look at things from different perspectives.

Films I like; Sunshine/Moon/Tremors/Robocop/Dark City...to name a few.

Music: I had a musical upbringing, so pretty mixed (played guitar/clarinet). But I mainly listen to rock, metal, dnb, retro. I might also have a podcast playing at the same time.

Other things I like: wrestling/boxing, cars/driving,

Things I don't like: cold winter, expenses, people with no manners, waking up, melted cheese. 

The Journey

The model making side of things began when mum used to take me and my brother car booting (rough year early 1990's). In those days I wasn't accessing the internet, or finding game stores. There was White Dwarf but a lot of the modeling skills were at the time, find out for yourself. I branched out and started getting into plastic kits. Planes, helicopters mostly. A few tanks, cars. Loads of mistakes were made, but I enjoyed every single one.

A dark period came and I grew out of my toys, so I pretty much destroyed them all like a complete idiot. Sold rare collectable toys which would be pricey in today's market. I miss my Transformers and Starcom. I had a collection of Gundam models too that got blown up. 

My brother came across Hero Quest and Space Crusade. Soon after we got our hands on titles like Dark Future, Dungeon Quest and before long, Warhammer, Epic and 40,000. He got into Dark Angels and I went for Eldar. We tried having a few games but found it hassle setting up. That didn't stop me from wanting to get every Eldar model released and my army at the time was pretty impressive. I guess because I couldn't find players or opportunities to have games I ended up focusing more on the actual models. Building and painting them without much thought, just looking at a few pictures for reference and then going about it however I thought worked.

...eventually I got into the world of work. Mainly warehouse, but I kept finding myself in my spare time being creative and mucking about with models. I also worked in a pub for a couple of years. Learnt a lot of multi-tasking skills there. But eventually I couldn't keep up with work and I found myself falling back on what skills I had and what I can do with them to put them into good use. I worked at a printing firm and became self employed.  I left that place and with some encouragement from people I started my venture. Little did I realize what it would involve to become a pioneering entrepreneur.

Working from home/ Building a studio workshop

Jeez, what a nightmare. Be prepared to become a night-owl if you want to get everything done. Fortunately I have the studio in the loft which keeps it separate from the rest of the family. Unfortunately it's in the loft, so the roof leaks, floor creaks, and the ceiling is low, sloping either side. It gets baking hot in summer and freezing cold in winter.

I started to get myself out there, chatted to my local GW store, got onto forums, started to learn about the internet and computing, created my Youtube channel etc, then getting my own website.

With the help of forums and people giving feedback I got onto improving my general model/painting skills. I did a bunch of conversions to test my ideas and they turned out far better than I could have imagined. I focused the detailing eye and started to realize I needed to do things like sculpting in order to get models looking better. It didn't take long before trying to sculpt my own stuff. At first it was horrible, but constantly reviewing progress allowed me to get better at it. I then started to mess around with airbrushing. It's another whole setup which I wasn't intending but I knew in order to get certain finishes etc, I had to get on it. Then as I started to get into doing more of my own thing and people requesting bits, I started to look into the world of moulding and casting. Again, no real idea but still jumped in. Much of it was trial and error, but I've managed to get things to work just about.

The business was registered 27/11/09 and I was now committed.

Suppose a list of what equipment I use might be of interest:
-Unimat/tablesaw/basic airbrush/vacuum chamber/pillar drill/foam cutter - that's about it.
- Paints; I have no particular favorite brand. I prefer GW undercoat spray cans. Trying to use up the GW pot paints as they're mostly dried out.
-Clays; mainly sculpey and fimo. But I have on the side milliput and greenstuff. I have some other brands, but haven't got round to using them.
- Resins; SmoothOn and other brands. I like to jump around.


I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was aged 11. It hasn't been generally well controlled and I already have a few complications as a result. My eyes have had laser treatment and I'm on pills to help protect my kidneys. It's hassle and annoying however being self employed helps a bit. Appointments and hypos can interrupt work and it annoys people.

Hypos are a real annoyance. The problem I find is that hypos bring on adrenaline and so I get a rush and work frantically which makes the hypo worse. Because I'm too determined with my work, I continue until I seriously have to see to it and have sugar.

The laser treatment was a mad experience. Its surprising that despite poor diabetes and needing eye glasses for long distance, I can still see things in detail without magnification. I attribute this to regularly having to check my needle before injecting (training my eye to focus on a sharp point).

Philosophy & Inspiration

Refer to Mojo [TUTORIALS] for a better look at my way of thinking.

Where I find inspiration:
Surfing the web for other artists, cartoons/comics, motivational speakers (like Wayne Dyer, Alan Watts), mechanics and how-to youtube channels (empowers me).

God put us here to accomplish certain tasks, I'm so far behind that I'll never die!