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This is still a new aspect to the workshop and things are continually changing.

see below for services.


What my plans are, why I bought one finally.,...

It's about time I got into the 3d printing world. For the kind of work I do, this kind of machine is perfect for my needs. I can prototype designs a lot quicker. A lot of my delays come from problem solving designs. If you look at projects like the Cryostasis tube and the death pit, they took a very long time as it was all done by hand, making tweeks as I went along - pain staking. So hopefully this will free up some brain-power for more creative things.

Small scale stuff works well for me. Ok it might not do minature figures in high detail, but that can be left for real life sculpting, and the machine can focus more on ordinary objects, tool making (jigs). Even if not directly printing for the workshop, it's still a handy piece of kit to have around.
So I 'm not expecting there to be no finishing at all. This is to enhance the workshop, not replace it! That said, there's still a lot for me to learn.There'll be some experimenting with material science in due time and other research. I'll be compiling my notes in the form of a guide which by now should be part of the drop down menu.

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Some questions you might have:

What is 3d printing?
It's like icing cakes, building up layers until you get an object.

What can be printed?
Remarkably quite a lot; Jewelery, cosplay, keyrings, toys, photos

Is 3d printing easy to do?

Not really if you want it to be any good. It takes time, comittment, money, support, and a lot of patience.

What printer are you using?
Tevo Tarantula (Dual extruder, Large bed). It's a DIY kit. Lightly modified and named Igor because I lack company.

What materials are you using?

PLA, but hopefully in time PETG

Are you sonsored by anyone?
No, I'm totally independant, sole monkey.

Can I have something printed?
Yes, get in touch and we can discuss. See below



If you wish to purchase prints from me, you can do. As I only have a FDM printer, please don't expect super out of this world quality...maybe in time as I upgrade. Of course if you are after something superior, there are plenty of other companies which provide printing services (obviously at a higher cost).

I'm only offering a basic service mainly for those who don't have a printer or struggle to get things printed.

As I'm only at this early stage, my prices are dirt cheap. However that's not to say I use cheap filament. Currently I'm using Sunlu's PLA+ which is a fantastic filament as well as trying out a bunch of other brands to find the best results.
I'll mainly be focusing on lithoprints and keyrings as these are more custom based.

Have a look at the Print Samples page for an idea on the quality currently available.