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Some questions you might have:

What is 3d printing?
It's like icing cakes, building up layers until you get an object.But it's got a lot of tricks which let it do some amazing things. It can be a useful tool for rapid prototyping and short run productions. It's very adaptable, it can be converted to CNC engraver, or mount a laser.

What can be printed?
Remarkably quite a lot; Jewelery, cosplay, keyrings, toys, photos , tools.....Go to Thingiverse, it's a hub of things to download.

Is 3d printing easy to do?

Not really if you want it to be any good. It takes time, comittment, money, support, and a lot of patience. You need an understanding of electronics, programing/ using cad software, some engineering skills, tools and a sandwich.

What printer are you using?
Tevo Tarantula (Dual extruder, Large bed). It's a DIY kit. Lightly modified and named Igor because I lack company.

What materials are you using?

PLA, but hopefully in time PETG. There are many brands and kinds of filaments. And a lot of material science. Additional printers would allow a chance to explore more types of filaments.

Are you sonsored by anyone?
No, I'm totally independant, sole monkey.

Can I have something printed?
Yes, get in touch and we can discuss. See below

 Q: what software do you use?
Tinkerccad & Cura.



If you wish to purchase prints from me, you can do. As I only have a FDM printer, please don't expect super out of this world quality...maybe in time as I upgrade. Of course if you are after something superior, there are plenty of other companies which provide printing services (obviously at a higher cost).

I'm only offering a basic service mainly for those who don't have a printer or struggle to get things printed.

As I'm only at this early stage, my prices are dirt cheap. However that's not to say I use cheap filament. Currently I'm using Sunlu's PLA+ which is a fantastic filament as well as trying out a bunch of other brands to find the best results.
I'll mainly be focusing on lithoprints and keyrings as these are more custom based.

Have a look at the Print Samples page for an idea on the quality currently available.