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Latest news:

DC is closed for now - apologies, I need time off to recoup.


I've gone too nuts trying to expand. The time has come to bring it all back in. I no longer need several setups, I got the skills if need be. The only focus of DC is now just 3d printing. Even that is going to be limited.

I’ve been running DC for 10 years and no one is even aware. It's disappointing, but I'd rather have a family than bust my nuts for nothing, literally nothing. Just grief, expense, pressure, late nights, no holidays, health, and ultimately it's costing me my family (I'm not there for them because I'm always here).....just not worth it anymore. I want to enjoy life with my family. So I hope you understand I need a break from this.

Currently it's a total shutdown while I clear out junk and slimline the website, restructure myself etc.....So it's gonna take time before I even attempt to start running this 'small' business again. Maybe by summer, maybe not. If I can't even manage to sell Lithophanes/prints, then it'll be a total closure and I'm going to find a regular job.

For the few fans I've attained, I truly thank you for your support. Maybe we'll meet again in the future!


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